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Feather Cuff Bracelet In Fine Silver

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An organically designed feather curves elegantly around your wrist in this stunning Feather Cuff Bracelet. Drawn by hand and cut from Fine Silver sheet (99.9% Silver), the feather is fold-formed to create the centre line. The design of the feather comes to life with the texturing created by hammering the sheet, and the sawn cut-outs. The shape of the cuff is oval and the stem has a gentle curl to make this cuff comfortable to wear. The bracelet has a high polish and has been tumble hardened for strength and durability. This cuff is adjustable and fits most wrist sizes. If you have an extra-small or extra-large wrist you can request a custom made size. Also if you prefer less of a shine to the bracelet, it can be patinated to create low lights of shadow in the crevices. Please email me at brenda@snowbirdstudio.ca for special requests or custom orders.

Note: Fine Silver is considered “pure silver” because it is 99.9% pure silver compared to Sterling Silver which is 92.5% silver. Fine Silver does not tarnish and is a softer silver than Sterling. For more information on metals, scroll up to “Info” and go to “Metal Types”.

Packaging: All items are packaged in the appropriate size white leatherette box and will be wrapped for safe shipment to you. See photo.

CARE of Swarovski Crystals, Beads, Silver/Gold Plated, Fine & Sterling Silver, Gold-Filled Items - use a soft jewelry cloth to clean and shine the crystals, settings, and sterling silver components. Avoid abrasive scrubbing or strong detergents! Periodically soak the entire piece in 4:1 ratio Mr. Clean (or substitute) and lukewarm water for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with clean water and dry.

STORE your jewelry in a zip-locking type bag once completely dry. You can add a small charcoal type pouch to keep humidity away if you live in more humid climates. These are the types found in shoe boxes, purses, etc.