Multi Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver with Swarovski BeCharmed Pave Bead-Sterling & Swarovski-Snowbird Studio-Black Chain and Black Crystal-Snowbird Studio

Multi Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver with Swarovski BeCharmed Pave Bead

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Simple design with elegant and stunning results! Three strands of precious metal chain in .925 Sterling Silver drape just below the collar bone in this 18" necklace. The focal bead is by Swarovski Elements and called BeCharmed, a large hole Pave set bead in Clear Crystal. The chains are hand wrapped with Sterling Silver wire and gathered together under two beautiful Sterling Silver cones. Two Swarovski crystal bi-cone beads connect the cones to the Sterling Silver toggle clasp.

Packaging: All items are packaged in the appropriate size white leatherette box and will be safely wrapped for safe shipment to you. See photo. 

CARE of Swarovski Crystals, Beads, Silver/Gold Plated, Sterling Silver, Gold-Filled Items - use a soft jewelry cloth to clean and shine the crystals, settings, and sterling silver components. Avoid abrasive scrubbing or strong detergents! Periodically soak the entire piece in 4:1 ratio Mr. Clean (or substitute) and lukewarm water for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with clean water and dry.

STORE your jewelry in a zip-locking type bag once completely dry. You can add a small charcoal type pouch to keep humidity away if you live in more humid climates. These are the types found in shoe boxes, purses, etc.