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Earrings - Grey Hematite and Chain - Snowbird Studio

Earrings - Grey Hematite and Chain

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Hematite is believed to help prevent one's life from spinning out of control by slowing excessive thought and bringing you out of your mind and back down to earth. It is said to help one "just be".

Silver-plated chain dangles down to three dark grey hematite beads (5mm in size) in these simple, delicate earrings. The chain dangles from hooks that feature a beautiful crystal. Each pair is 2-3/4" in length.

Note: For other earrings in the photo, see the Collection called "Earrings".


Packaging: All items are packaged in the appropriate size white leatherette box and will be wrapped for safe shipment to you. See photo. 

CARE - use a soft jewelry cloth to clean and shine the crystals, settings, and/or stone components. Avoid abrasive scrubbing or strong detergents! Periodically soak the entire piece in 4:1 ratio Mr. Clean (or gentle substitute) and lukewarm water for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with clean water and dry.

STORE your jewelry in a zip-locking type bag once completely dry. You can add a small charcoal type pouch to keep humidity away if you live in more humid climates. These are the types found in shoe boxes, purses, etc.