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Sizing Rings

How To Measure Your Ring Size
  1. Cut a thin piece of paper or string and wrap around the finger you want measured. Be sure to place it above the finger joint and close to the knuckle.
  2. Mark the spot where the string or paper touches.
  3. Lay the string or paper along side a ruler and measure the length.
  4. Determine the ring size by the chart below. If your measurement is in between, remember rings come in half sizes as well.

Size 4 is 1 and 13/16"

Size 5 is 1 and 15/16"

Size 6 is 2 and 1/16"

Size 7 is 2 and 1/8"

Size 8 is  2 and 1/4"

Size 9 is 2 and 5/16"

Size 10 is 2 and 7/16"

Size 11 is 2 and 9/16"

Size 12 is 2 and 5/8"

Size 13 is 2 and 3/4"

Size 14 is 2 and 7/8"

Alternately, google "how to size a ring" and you will find numerous ring charts that can be printed. Use a ring you already have and size it up with the chart to find out the size.