Sizing Bangle Bracelets

How to measure for a bangle bracelet:

STEP 1: Close your fingers together and bring your thumb to your fingers (as pictured). Pretend that you were putting on a bangle or mittens.

STEP 2: Ideally use a seamstress measuring tape. If you don't have one, use a strip of paper, string, ribbon, or as I did, a twist-tie from my kitchen drawer. Wrap it around the widest part of your hand (see photo above). Mark your size with a pen directly at the point of measurement, then measure that with a ruler as seen in the next photo:

This number is the minimum circumference needed for the bangle to fit over your hand when putting it on and taking it off. Remember bangles hang loosely on your wrist. 

STEP 3: Purchase a bangle with a diameter that is the next size up from your actual measurement.

*** For other bracelet styles, see page titled "How To Measure Wrists For Cuff And Regular Bracelets"