Jewelry Design Decisions - The Making Of 2 Necklaces

The Making Of Two Necklaces

2 Designs Become The Same, Yet Different

Hmmm ... What to do? I'm staring at two beads, identical in style except for color; one is black called "Silver Night", the other "Crystal". The beads are destined to be focal points. Swarovski Elements BeCharmed Pave 15mm large hole bead! Sparkly sophisticated bling, yet edgy in a mysterious way. 

Swarovski Elements BeCharmed Pave 15mm Silver Night Large Hole Bead - Snowbird StudioSwarovski Elements BeCharmed Pave 15mm Crystal Large Hole Bead - Snowbird Studio

I start with the black bead, trying several designs by bringing coordinating supplies out, laying them on my workspace, and moving pieces around in different configurations. Then it hit me! I came across black chain in 3 sizes and shapes. I laid the chain out and set the black bead in place, then quickly realized it would not make the bead stand out enough as a focal point. Too much black. So I dug through my stash of chain and found a strand in gunmetal and a strand in silver, with different shapes and contrasting sizes.

Chain in gunmetal, silver-plate, and black. Chain in gunmetal, silver-plate, and black - Snowbird Studio

When I laid the gunmetal and silver strand next to the black strand, placing the bead in the centre, my design was complete. Size of chain was important here, because the thicker chains I pulled out were overwhelming the bead. Chain that was delicate seemed flimsy. I settled on medium weight chains for all three strands, different in weight, and with contrasting designs.

The finished product turned out to be a piece that can be worn with a t-shirt, jeans, black leather jacket, or even with a dress or gown.

Swarovski BeCharmed Pave Black Gunmetal Silver Chain Necklace

I set to work on the Crystal bead. I new I wanted to use Sterling Silver, and I knew I wanted the same design. The question was, what size chain? Too heavy a chain in .925 Sterling Silver would drive up the cost. With the price of Sterling Silver these days going up and up, many customers want more affordable options. One would be to use silver-filled chain. Strong, durable, and a good alternative. The problem? I was out of stock - no silver-filled chain. I quickly put that on my "to buy" list.

The next task was to decide on which Sterling Silver chain to use. I had at least 10 styles to choose from. Too thin a chain just looks flimsy - it needed to be substantial enough to accentuate the bead, be affordable, therefore smaller in size and weight, and most importantly, it needed to be elegant!

The chain I chose was purchased from It would work perfectly. Not too big, not to small, but just the right size and style. 

Sterling Silver Chain from - Snowbird Studio Sterling Silver Cones Toggle Clasp Chain Necklace by Snowbird Studio

A couple of beautiful Sterling Silver cones gathered the chain in nicely. The chain fit through the large hole bead perfectly and made it stand out, take centre stage, and show off it's sparkle.

Sterling Silver Chain Necklace with Swarovski BeCharmed Pave Crystal Large Hole Bead by Snowbird Studio

This elegant piece would look sensational with a white blouse or equally as gorgeous accenting a wedding gown!

The possibilities are endless! 

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